First Aid First

"I loved how hands-on this course was. I was expecting to be taught right out of the book, so it was a pleasant surprise" - Tracey Busy Bees "The course was clear, well organized & interesting. The instructor was able & willing to fluidly answer questions & welcomed class participation. Props & scenarios were excellent, interesting & reflected very well potential mishap" - Amanda Child Base "The instructor was great!! She kept the class active & involved encouraged questions & was very enthusiastic. She seemed to be having fun teaching which is essential for a class to be motivated to learn" - Mary Bright Horizons

Paediatric First Aid Training (12 hour Training)

Aims of a First Aider

Before anything our most important aim is to make sure we are safe and that we assess the most important and life threatening problems first .
We use a method called the 3P’s to help Identity our aims.

1. P is Preserve Life
We use the acronym D.R.A.B.C to help us follow a simple step by step method to check the casualty in order of importance. This is will covered later in the course.

2. P is Prevent Deterioration
We need to try and recognise the signs and symptoms the casualty is displaying and recognise any injuries they may have suffered.

TIP- Most illnesses have early warning signs and the skin is generally the first thing to change which allows us to use this sign as an early warning.

3. P is Promote Recovery
Once we have identified the problem and stopped it getting any worse, we then need to try and calm the casualty down and encourage them to make them feel more at ease.

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