First Aid First

"I loved how hands-on this course was. I was expecting to be taught right out of the book, so it was a pleasant surprise" - Tracey Busy Bees "The course was clear, well organized & interesting. The instructor was able & willing to fluidly answer questions & welcomed class participation. Props & scenarios were excellent, interesting & reflected very well potential mishap" - Amanda Child Base "The instructor was great!! She kept the class active & involved encouraged questions & was very enthusiastic. She seemed to be having fun teaching which is essential for a class to be motivated to learn" - Mary Bright Horizons

Paediatric First Aid Training (12 hour Training)

What is First Aid?

First Aid is the treatment for any injury or illness before the arrival of a professional person or paramedic.

In our day to day duties, we carry out many first aid duties without even realizing! Things like picking a child up that may have slipped over, calming a child down who may be missing his/her parents or even settling a pair of toddlers down bickering over a toy!! All fit into First Aid.

We will cover these later in the course and explain why anything you did to calm that situation is considered First Aid.

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